Waiting On The Line

Maybe I’m nervous. Maybe I’m scared shitless. Or maybe… I just feel I haven’t done anything.

The thing is, every 3rd Friday of every month, there’s a schedule of a big conference call for all the Asian offices, everybody calling in from everywhere… and at 2.30 pm today, it’s my first one! It feels like the 1st day of school all over again. I already felt that when it was the first day here… now, it feels like that again… all these hotshots and experts from all over, including the general manager for the Asia region, all would be listening to my every word, and I’m afraid I’ll screw up. I’m afraid that they’d go “Ok, who the hell hired this guy? He doesn’t know jack!!”

But on the other hand, I’m not really worried about that. Although I am a man who tends to worry about what others think of him, the feeling has been kind of watered down through the years anyway, and I think it better just to go ahead, and be prepared with what’s in my head. This is still just an internal conference; I’ve been in worse predicaments, I guess (like my interview at a rival company, hahaha…)…

To add to that, much of the work I want to follow up on depends on information I’m waiting from other people, and I can’t exactly move ahead until i get some sort of response, so I’ve just been tying up loose ends here and there, and waiting, brooding for the time of the conference call.

Now.. back to waiting…

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Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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