Fast Break

The Bahasa term for ‘fast break’ (no, not a basketball term), which is the time where we end our fast for the day, is ‘buka puasa’. C’mon, say it with me, boo-cuh poo-uh-suh, or something like that. When on Monday I had the fast break with Vira, at Blok M Plaza, yesterday it was with Tanti at Ambassador Mall, much nearer to the office, not to mention the multitudes of electronics, PDAs, cellphones, and DVDs that can be found there.

Now, I don’t know what the custom is in other Muslim majority countries, but in Indonesia, buka puasa is a big deal. It’s an integral part of socializing; during the duration of Ramadhan, you could get all sorts of invitations, official or personal, large party or small, for buka puasa bersama somewhere. Usually it is combined with a reunion of sorts with old friends, classmates, or ex co-workers, whatever… and the event itself is from the simple (people just meeting at a restaurant to eat) to the elaborate (asking a cleric to give preaches, and extended to Tarawih time); it has become such a tradition in Indonesia that even non-Muslims are invited to join, as it is a big deal and a required part of socialization. In other words, it just becomes another excuse to do what Indonesians do best, which is get together and eat. haha.

I have been having thoughts of organizing another buka puasa with my former college classmates, as I did last year, but it’s been a bit hectic for me the past few weeks to even discuss it with anybody, and I was kind of hoping that somebody else would step in the role of organizer this time. Well… apparently, to this date, nobody has, and I still don’t have the will to properly prepare something like this. I hear from Tanti that some are actually hoping that I would step in again; well, sure, I’ll help, but I don’t want to feel like I’m working alone again (although I did get help last time). So guys, anybody game? This time I’m purely support, not initiative, hehehe…

Maybe I’ll change my mind during the course of the week, but it’s already almost the middle of the fasting season, and no plans have been annouced. I talked it over with Tanti, maybe we’re gunning for November 6th for something, but we’ll see lah… maybe next year I’ll be back on the scene. All said, buka puasa is always a good opportunity to meet up with old friends…

So the highlight of the fasting season in Indonesia, for a lot of people, is not the fasting, not the Tarawih, but the buka puasa! hahaha…

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