Old Friends

Yestarday, after a relatively strange day at work (it began slow but the pace just increased by the hour), I was going to meet Nelly, Pitty and Chieq, three friends from my old workplace at Kafe Tenda Semanggi. Since my boss was also a friend of them (and we all did work at the same place not long ago), he tagged along, waiting for a dinner appointment at about 8 o’clock.

So there we were, old friends, gathering at the table, eating, drinking, updating each other on what we were up to now, trading gossip… It’s always a good feeling to gather around friends, especially if you haven’t met them for a while… (maybe i should rethink my non-involvement in the buka puasa thing for my classmates… we’ll see.)

Afterwards, I joined up with Asri to eat at Izzi Pizza, well… I only ate half the pizza, because I already ordered some food at Kafe Tenda Semanggi… Asri paid me her outstanding debt to me, hehe, when I covered the bookings for a couple of people when we went rafting last month. (That was last month, so you won’t find stories about it here, at least, not yet). Again, the discussion was lively and fun, a mix of everyday events and compulsory gossip, hehe…

On the way to Kafe Tenda Semanggi, Daniel (my boss) asked me, hey, since you’ve been single again, you’ve always had all sorts of activities coming home from work… and I said, well, most of the time, it’s better than going home on time to an empty room…

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Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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