The Trip To Bogor

Yesterday, me, Coki, and Tanti were planning to go to Bogor, to meet up with Sena, for a kind of work meeting; talking more thoroughly about our project collaborations. The plan was for us to go to Bogor just in time for fast break, so we planned to get together at about 3 pm at Citos.

Before, I had to go to the old office in the morning since there were a few people planning to get some stuff from the office; so I had to stand by until all the appointments came. So, off went one of the aircons, one small sofa, one chair, one Pentium III CPU, and one fax machine. Plus a lot of sweat; since the electricity unit had been shut down, I couldn’t turn on the aircon (or anything else for that matter) and by 1 pm, when I reached home, I was already feeling really thirsty. So, awaitin 3 pm, I just slept (as the night before, I didn’t get much sleep because I watched Starsky & Hutch way into the night…) and at 2 pm started to get ready to pick up Tanti and head for Citos.

When finally we were at Citos to rendevouz with Coki, apparently Tanti wasn’t feeling very well, something about her blood sugar going down, so she had to end her fast and get a super-carbohydrate drink (when I was telling her she should get more glucose)… So, when Coki picked us up, Tanti was still a bit weezy, and was thinking of going home, not joining us to Bogor. Before that though, Coki had to go to Ines’ house for something, so we tagged along, and Tanti finally got proper glucose there.

After, we picked up Coki’s girlfriend, Sarah and met up at the gas station with Rama and Ines to finally go to Bogor, after much delay… we eventually had to break fast at the gas station, and we all bought burgers at the AM PM store (one of those 24-hour convenience stores, with overpriced snacks)…

Reaching Bogor, we headed to the place where Sena said to meet, a place called Cafe Mangiare (pronounced mun-jah-ray, whatever that means) where he was also meeting his former high school classmates. So we all sat down and ordered dinner… with little success. Not that the food didn’t reach us or anything, but the food was absolutely horrid, and in incomprehensible portions! I only ordered french fries and ommelette, and that didn’t work out either. I took my chances with Sarah’s fried rice, since she was uncapable of finishing it, had it wrapped up for sahur.

Sena, Coki and me had a small meeting after dinner to discuss current affairs, do determine where we were going for at least the next 3 months; we decided not top pursue setting up a company just yet, and to just add on to our portfolio first. In light of new situations with me and Coki, we all agreed that this was the best course of action, and we would reevaluate our work in about 3 months’ time.

At 9 pm, we took of right back to Jakarta again, because we were going to catch the midnight airing of Sky Captain and The World OF Tomorrow at Pondok Indah Mall. Tanti was already really tired, so she went off there and took a taxi home (it was really cutting it tight, since the airing was at 10 pm!). The movie eventually started at about 10.20 pm, so we weren’t late…

The movie itself was okay, comic-book and movie buffs would of loved its homage to old-style 30’s styling and coloring, robots, machines and all… but the even story, in its simplicity, was a perhaps unintentional homage to movies of the 30s-40s era… so the audience spent a portion of the movie laughing at ‘unnecessary’ scenes (there were a lot of really lame scenes, but in hindsight, typical of movies of that era)… all said, I was very entertained by the movie, although I would be cautious in recommending the movie to anybody else…

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