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Now That You Mention It…

Ok, so it’s been almost a month since i started this blog; which means, almost a month since i have been working at this new job…. but i keep wondering, why can’t i get into the mood of working yet? there’s some sort of mental block in my head that keeps preventing to work efficiently, well, at least, the way i used to (i don’t know if it was efficient or not).

I keep going back to the thought that i do need a proper refresher, not just 2 days of the weekend sitting idle doing whatever. I have to get out and do something to refresh my work brain. The problem is… i can’t because, i’ve commited to band practice almost every Sunday, Saturday sometimes is ‘old office’ day, and i am still not entitled to leave, not until at least mid-2005. Bollocks.

Hence the dillema.

Science Fiction

Since childhood, I have always been an avid science fiction fan. (Does that make me a definite card-carrying geek?) I’ve always liked reading works from most notably Isaac Asimov, Carl Sagan, and perhaps a further spattering of other works and writers i have forgot about. The thing that most intrigued me about Isaac Asimov’s work was his concept of the 3 laws of robotics; for that, many times he has been named the father of the concept of modern robotics. Indeed, his work influenced a lot of people and a lot of subgenres, even pushing the production of the loosely connected I, Robot starring Will Smith, this year.

The movie itself was rather bland, bringing forth a concept many times already done by Hollywood or anime movies; the subjugation (or attempts to) of man by machine. The movie falls in line with another of my all-time favorites, The Matrix, complete with its blatant references to anime anyway. But it also must be seen that Isaac Asimov’s work, for instance, an inspiration to another movie, Bicentennial Man, starring Robin Williams, has been around since the 1970s, thus chronologically a much earlier work than most of the more popular ground breaking Hollywood or anime movies. Remember that in the 1970s, anime was still more Speed Racer than Patlabor or Gundam.

It is too bad that today’s generation would not be able to recognize Issac Asimov’s work for what it is (except perhaps, geeks like me) other than yet another movie inspired by a book with an overused concept. That said, although most SF afociandos would have loved the depiction of the future in I, Robot, the movie itself gives almost no justice to the original work (not that I remember it as a whole); even Bicentennial Man stayed true to the actual underlying story.

In the last 2 decades, there has been newfound interest in the work of another SF writer, Philip K. Dick. Again, a name that only geeks will recognize, haha. Even I have had belated interest in his work, since during my library years there was hardly any books by him around, as compared to today, and a surge of movies inspired by his books has only occured recently.

The classic Blade Runner, starring Harrison Ford, was inspired by the short story Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? And that was way back in 1982; movies following were Total Recall starring Arnold Schwazenegger (from We Can Remember It For You Wholesale), Minority Report starring Tom Cruise (from The Minority Report), and most recently Paycheck, starring Ben Affleck (from the short story with the same title). More recently, his collection of novels and short stories have been reprinted in greater glory; prompting me to buy one, completely out of usual habit, after only reading 2 pages at QB World bookstore.

So yesterday, after a useless day of racing and watching Kill Bill 2 (I think it was cool), i went to QB, browsed around, and finally bought the collection of short stories by Philip K. Dick titled Paycheck. I have always been intrigued to what the actual books are like if they inspire movies, one point to see how the director’s vision of the book goes in line with the author. And of course, a book lasts longer in your mind than a movie.


Sometimes when all seems bleak, everything is going wrong, you seem to have lost it all, it helps to know you have your friends by your side. I always believed that my friends are my closest family, as i did not grow up with my real extended family (having moved around so much in childhood), and my friends know me better as a person rather than family.

In light of what has happened the past few months, I am truly grateful that I have my friends with me; for better for worse; I am truly grateful that my friends have gone out of their way to help, or at least be there for me. And, most importantly, I am truly grateful that I can share what i cannot share here, with my friends.

So if any of you out there feel life is shit, everything’s going the wrong way, try to remember, is there someone there next to you, at least to be there? It makes a world of a difference.

Sleeping In Is The Best Thing

I don’t care what anybody says; the best thing about weekends is you can wake up whenever you want. Well, you can wake up reaaaaly early in the morning if you want, or you could wake up when it’s almost noon. Considering the latest circumstances, having to get up at 3 am every day just to eat, and not eating again until 6 pm, hehehe… i prefer the latter.

Yesterday, me and my boss, we had a guest who was not fasting; and on a whim and completely out of usual habit, the guest was given an ice, cold orange juice by his instruction. So while we talked, the dripping, inviting glass of O.J. was sitting in the middle of us, all to the temptaion of me and my boss. Hmm… really looked nice and refreshing; but i spent most of the meeting teasing or guest, because she was uncomfortable drinking it in front of us.. “so, is it good? it must be good..” hhahaha.

So back to sleeping in. Since i have an appointment at 2 pm today… i’ll be sleeping in till then, hahahah… what a life!

Fast Forward Sahur

Sometimes, when me and Sacha start conversing, there’s no telling when it’ll end; it was a good thing the pizza place we were eating at closes at 10, or else we never would have gone home! So eventually i got home and only managed to get to sleep at 12 after tidying up and doing a few errands…

Actually, i did get up at 3 am for sahur, but i turned off my alarm and went back to sleep without even registering in my head that it was sahur time… i was damn sleepy… so, by miracle or coincidence i got up at 4 am! with only 10 minutes to spare till the subuh adzan. I asked for a doggie bag of the leftover pizza last night (we only managed to eat half ) but only managed to gobble down one slice plus a few glasses of water. Oh well.

After prayer… it was back to sleep again.

Anyway… i also went to the record store last night, intending to finally buy Maroon 5’s Songs About Jane, and i did buy it… but i also found an oldtime favorite, Chick Corea, with his new band. I’m not a continuous listener of Chick Corea, but i always found his music interesting, and i have several of his albums dating back to the 80s. So i bought both, without even reconsidering. Haha! It felt good. The pinch on the wallet would come later in the month… and well, it was worth it. Now all the next album i wanna get is Jamie Cullum, but i’m waiting for the repack featuring Everlasting Love.


I don’t know what the worse moments of flu are, the first symptoms of runny nose, the rising body temprature, or the aftermath of it. Right now i’m in the recovery stage, and i feel thick. Why thick?

I have so much, erm… mucus, yes, that’s the politically correct word… coming out of either my nose or throat, all thick and yellow… sometimes the mucus from the throat tends to have the initiative to get itself out, but nose mucus needs [a lot of] encouragement, you know what i mean? all to the displeasure of my co-workers.

They’ve been saying that my corner in the office is an illness magnet, because the aircon blows harshly down behind me… the guy i replaced was always having a cough or something… so, when i get the time, i’m going to seal up part of the aircon duct, for my own health (and peace for my co-workers).

Ok, now it gets really groce… my handkerchief is thick as well.


Yesterday, almost half my day was filled with a meeting with the other labels and a telco, and the meeting took a lot of energy to handle as well, as there were a lot of issues to cover. booooorriiiiing.

so after work, the initial plan was to go to Vira’s place, i had some stuff to do with her, but apparently she was still out of town by the time i finished at work, and Tanti called me at about the same time, so i met up with tanti first for dinner, so afterwards we could go together (Tanti and Vira live in the same house). The streets were delightfully empty after fast break time, so it took me no time at all to reach Ambassador Mall, the rendevouz point with Tanti. We chatted over dinner, not forgetting to buy a meal for sahur…

When Vira had reached her office, we went on a taxi and picked her up since it was on the way from Ambassador to their house anyway. Upon arriving, I had a lot to cover; I had an ongoing project with Tanti, which would be starting by the end of the month, I was going to hand over a translation project I haven’t been able to handle to Vira, and, haha… i was going to install Need For Speed on Vira’s computer! Unfortunately her computer didn’t have a supporting graphics card, so the game was practically unplayable.. i told her she had to get a new graphics card; so much just to play a game huh? the rest of the night she was considering changing the desktop to a laptop, but that would mean oodles of money… (come to think of it, i haven’t paid for my laptop either, hehehe… haven’t had the time to take care of the transaction).

If i look at my bag now, it’s strangely full all the time. There’s the laptop and its charger, my PDA and sync cable, there’s a pencil case filled with not just pencils, but also an assortment of CF cards and the CF card reader and a USB bluetooth module, not to mention 2 handphones (well, now that i don’t use it much, at least for now, i leave my CDMA phone at home unactive) and other necessities of life on the road; like a light parka (you never know when it’s going to rain), tissues, a pocket of loose change, deodorant, and some office notes that still happen to be on paper. So, you could say, i’m a full-fledged gadget boy, hahaha… not necessarily with the latest and high-end equipment, but all functioning to the max all the same… anyway, you should see Coki’s bag! He brings around most of his chargers with him as well… and he’s one up on me, he has an iPod. So now we both have bulky shoulders from carrying all this stuff around…

Better Morning Than Before

Finally, i’m feeling much better, although still a bit hazy… so i’m fasting again today, hopefully i can get through the day. There’s a big meeting with the other labels and a telco today, so my day is pretty much booked, and i have to catch up the slack i’ve been making since i started here… well, it’s about time, it’s already my 3rd week here.

Yesterday, after work, i met up with Coki, the others couldn’t make it, and we ate at Plaza Senayan… at that moment i already was feeling better. I guess sleeping in until 12 pm at home did the trick, but i think i still need some more rest before i’m fully recovered.

I was planning to turn in early, but at the last moment, i whipped out my laptop, went online and started chatting with a few friends… and suddenly, it was midnight again! damn. I only had 3 hours to sleep until sahur, after sahur only about 2-3 hours until the time i’m supposed to wake up and get ready for work. oh well, i’ll try to make it up tonight.

Now that some issues have reached some level of clarity, i am now able to concentrate better at my job, figure out the next steps, what hasn’t been done, and so on. Ok lah… let’s get on with it then.

What File Extension Are You?

I got this quiz from Oli’s blog (he’s my cousin, unfortunately)… pretty interesting, in a geeky way. I guess it’s the kind of quiz only geeks and computer freaks would take. well… takes one to know one!
Otherwise, i guess the result more or less says who i am… i’m either anybody or nobody, nothing in between… or not. But i’d have to disagree… i know i want to become an avid chocolate eater. What? I already am? well, bless the mouse, i have already reached my life goal!

Sick Of It All! (Or Just Plain Sick?)

Today, i woke up for sahur… but only drank a little, and fell asleep again. My body wasn’t feeling any better anyway, and Mom tld me not to fast for the day, at least until i’m feeling better, because flu makes you dehydrated, so i have to keep up drinking. So when i finally woke up at about 7… i just got up and drank whatever was around (well… i only have water in my room…) and started to eat some bread from the fridge… so i could eat my medicine.

Spent the morning in bed after breakfast, either playing Need For Speed (i still suck at it) or chatting on Yahoo! Messenger, with a couple of people…

I must say, even if i’m not going to elaborate here… finally, a few problems i have have finally almost come to rest. I must say, i’m relieved. Thus, my new life can really begin, but not forgetting the past either. Who knows what will happen next, but at least, things are starting to look better.

Another thing, my fridge is currently well stocked with chocolate! I persuaded both Vira and my boss to buy me chocolates while they were in Singapore, hahahaha… so the days will definitely be better! Chocolate is one of my ultimate indulgencies and addictions, not to mention that it helps calm me down… also, the taste isn’t bad, either 😀