Renewed Wisdom, Of Old

Not to sound cliche, ungrateful or condescending or anything, but I’ve come upon some sort of resolution or discovery. There are two companions that have always been with me from the beginning, loyally staying at my side through the strange journey called life.

One is called Pain/Suffering.

The other is called Joy/Happiness.

Both of them have always been around, although, through some sort of arrangement, taking turns in accompanying me. Depending on how I look at it at a certain point in time, one tends to invest more time than the other.

Both have always been there, as undeniably reliable companions, and all this time I have taken them for granted. I should, at least, give them the credit of my true, lifelong friends, if I ever knew such a thing.

Here’s the strange thing: even they have somehow disappeared, or appear unconcerened, lately. I’m sure they’re busy, as with namesakes like them, they should be accompanying everybody in the world, with varying degrees.

I think they forgot about me. It’s that, or I’m becoming as deranged as ever…

About barijoe

Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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