Random Thoughts on Sunday Night

Some say, you never get what you want. Well, sometimes, you never want what you get, either. Talk about human nature, never satisified with what they already have. Vanity at its best. Thus, vanity may well be my undoing.

Every step of my life, I’ve always tried to do everything based on what I think is right, what I think is the correct course of action. (Once again, with emphasis. I do a lot of that too.) What happens when you don’t know what’s right anymore? What do you do when the reasons are all gone? What do you do, when you know nothing anymore?

This blog may well be on to becoming a place of my exaggerated fears, wants and worries… just look what I’ve been writing the past few weeks. Ah, who cares. Read it or leave it.

It always helps when you know that everybody else has their own problems. Or not.

Pain came by this afternoon. Joy was nowhere to be found… I’ll look for her tomorrow. At least, somebody’s keeping me company. That and a dozen of useless DVDs.

I watched It’s All About Love, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Claire Danes. Rather morbid and dystopic, set in the year 2021. Cheered me up a bit, because it practically said the whole world is going to hell anyway. In the context of the movie, the whole world wass turning to ice, as in another Ice Age. Everybody dies. Some fly. Well, wouldn’t want to ruin the story for you, although you’d get the drift as you watch (actually, from the first 5 minutes). Still a compelling story. Watch it… it might cheer you up as well. If what they say in the movie really happens in 2021, well, forget about all the money you’d have piled up by then, would be meaningless.

Dystopia is in. The whole world is on a Prozac binge (well, at least where they have it sold). I remember everytime I was in a bad mood, I’d just pick up one of those news magazines, and I’d feel better right away. There are a lot of people having worse of a time than I am; like in the US… four more years. Well, you asked for it anyway. Let’s see where that gets you. Anyway, I just bought the latest edition of The Economist, after a straight run of strictly fiction for a couple of weeks.

Fiction is my escape from reality. Movies are my escape from reality. Hmmm… get the drift? Got any other bright ideas? But that’s easy, and fleeting. Reality’s not so bad I guess. They’re making more TV out of it lately. Maybe many people feel their lives are so fake, they need a prod of reality coming from the place that usually spouts fantasy and fiction. It’s either that, or the human race has truly run out of original ideas. Or money. Oklah. I just have to pinch myself to stay awake, or I’ll sleep forever.

Justice for all, they say. We’ll just have to wait and see. But I guess, everybody feels that justice is going the wrong way on the street. You know what I think about that? Justice is overrated.

I just noticed, I always have a crush on these strong-jawed females… like, Diane Kruger, Sharon Stone, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner… Sophia Latjuba. Haha.

Hey, are there any chili afociandos out there? I am too. You know why I like it? Well, other than the taste, it’s the sensation. Drowns out everything else because it’s so damn hot. (FYI, I never could elicit such a sensation from alcohol… not to mention the taste! I hate Bitter!) Drowns everything out… another escape from reality? What’s with all this escaping?

I think everyone takes an escape from reality, at least once in a while. When they’re doing their hobbies, taking a dip, going to a club for drinks or dancing, browsing the internet… What’s wrong with reality? Are our lives so routine, so tiring, so boring and so … so… BAD that we have to escape from it? Ever wonder what the people did in the Middle Ages? Stare at the sheep, I guess. Or the rice paddies. Well, nowadays, especially in the cities, they’re making all this money, just to save up and get away from it all. Pointless, right? Or maybe buy something useless. Let’s just save money and stare at sheep. But then, what do you do with the money? Buy sheep I guess.

I can’t help feeling utterly weird and stupid. For good reason, I guess. For both points, with no explanation I guess. But I hate it when they say I’m unique; I know it and it’s one thing I wouldn’t like to be reminded about.

Trying to uphold pride, honor, and dignity is a very male thing. Maybe because… we lose it so easily all the time.

Ah, let’s stop. I could write well into the morning. I’ve got work to do.

Once the waves subside, once the rainclouds go away, usually a sunny day awaits. I’m waiting for the sun to come up, but in the meantime, somebody lend me an umbrella. Mine’s broken.

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