The Coin

The seemingly endless and exhilirating sensation called human experience; the actual physical sensations, the emotions, and the psychological adventures; all the virtues of our mind and body. The strange train on the railroad that never plots a straight course, but always seems to go somewhere, always has purpose.. God forbid the train to seemingly stop, or seem to go without direction. Also, the human experience seems to introduce us to two entities of constant conflict, neither of them having a name, or rather, named differently by different people.

My entire life has always tended to be based on bipolarity, two extremes always at odds with each other. Everything broken down into two extremly different solutions, everything diluted into two inherently different aspects of view. Such is the coin, the multi-faceted one, if you will, not just consisting of two sides, but always seemingly so for a human.

The dualism of the human mind must be something very intrinsic, very instinctive to us, since whenever we can, we try to process the information that comes into our minds from the universe into two discreetly seperate pools, at least seemingly seperate, when in fact the contents of those pools always trade with one another. It has a lot to do with the symmetry of man, the subconcious drive to divide everything into two parts, and not necessarily with physical objects, but metaphysical as well. Those two parts must have some sort of opposition; right and left, good and bad, God and Satan, black and white, yin and yang, happy and sad; and with equal opposition of forces, a state of balance is achieved. Thus being human, is a constant struggle between two opposing forces to attain balance. Issac Newton couldn’t of said it better.

Thus, sadness, or happiness, are just two sides of a coin… depends what side you are looking at. The actual concepts themselves are abstract at the least, of course, because it would depend on how you see the matter at hand. Success, failure is an illusion, is only a concrete concept of events differing in point of view, differing only, at the flip of a coin. Emotions, however real, or vague, are illusions, because they are the product, not the process. Emotions can also be a process, but as with everything else, it can all be different, at the flip of a coin.

The nature of the human psyche always strives to strike a balance of basically two opposing forces, depending on the person. The conflicts are usually chosen by us, either conciously or subconciously, the ‘actors’ of such conflicts, and the matters of opposition, all illusions created by us to attain a state of balance.

Alas, balance must be the true illusion.

Have you ever tossed a coin, and see it land on its side, rather than one face or the other? It’s virtually impossible. Almost always, one side faces you, the other shuns you. That is real, that is not the illusion. But then, what you can do to change your reality is, flip the coin again.

Then what would the purpose of the inherent instinct to achieve balance in humans be? It sometimes feels sad that we all are victims of our own illusions, but then again, flip the coin, we should be glad that we are the victims or our own illusions. Better that then become slave to other people’s illusions, or having no illusion whatsoever. Our goal in life is to chase the illusion, to maintain the illusion… but as they say, living is not a result, it’s a process. Who cares if you reach balance or not. That’s not the point.

Lives can change just like that, at a flip of a coin. Attitudes can change, perspectives altered, insights revelated to other insights. At the flip of a coin. Failure can be Success, with the same terms, with the same conditions, only differing from what the eye of the mind sees. Happiness and Sadness, Pain and Joy, are just more of the same thing. Opposition is the illusion.

Thus everything is virtual, everything is a non-entity, nothing is real. Everything is in your head, in your heart, and in your gut, everything you just know is real and true, is your own figment of your imagination. On the other hand, everything is real and true, but you live in your own illusion, convincing yourself that nothing is real. Always two sides. Always, two opposing forces. And, again, always, humans will try to find common ground, neutral ground, the middle path. So the two poles exist to define the middle path, yet the middle path also defines the two poles.

So everything is nothing. Nothing is everything. Only one thing remains real; your mind, and the analogy of your mind, and heart, as a coin. Your mind is and illusion of dependency as well, when everything is defined by our subconcious. Thus, only the subconcious is real, what else is there, before getting into utterly metaphysical discourse?

I know what’s real. I know that the mind that writes these words is real. I know, that the heart beating inside my chest, although I have never seen it, is real. I know, the sensations, the feelings I feel, are real. I am human for what I believe to be real, whether it be an illusion or not. What actually is real, for humans, is irrelevant, because we live on so much planes of existence we never realize it.

Illusion or not, I always keep a coin in my pocket to remind me. Life is what you make of it.

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Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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