Sudden Trip

I had to stay late at the office yesterday, until 9 PM, as there was a layout that I had to supervise and distribute to the other partners on that exact day, as promised… because, the next day, which is today, I had a sudden business trip to Kuala Lumpur.

Originally it was planned for Wednesday, but suddenly, Monday morning, they bumped it up to Tuesday; the original plan itself I only knew last Friday. So I had to quickly finish my work for the week, as the journey got extended to 3 days, Tuesday to Thursday, packed with meetings, discussions and such.

In the midst of a near-panic on not being ready, leaving work behind, and so on, I still had time for a late-night discussion with a trusted friend. A much needed discussion, and a well-timed one as well.

I needed to borrow a small suitcase for the journey, as mine was still in Serpong, but I couldn’t manage to find someone who could lend to me in such short notice. Actually, there was someone, but I don’t think it would be appropriate given recent conditions…

Anyway… after not succeeding looking for a money changer in the morning, I finally had to convert some money into ringgit at the airport (at a rip-off rate, I might add) before finally departing to KL.

Often when I go alone to strange new places, I always wished that I could share the experience with someone… share those fleeting moments looking out the window on the plane, those moments of slight confusion when you lose your way in the airport or in the strange city itself…

I’ll have more on Kuala Lumpur later, when I get the chance to take more pictures.

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