Saturday night, was the night of the song.

After spending 3 hours doing mundane work at Lokananta, and a nap because I felt so tired, the standing plan for about a week or so was that I and a couple of friends were going out to karaoke; singing capabilities present or not, we were looking forward to it.

So I booked a room enough for 8 people at Nav Fatmawati, and came early (as usual) as the booking of rooms there is pretty strict. Alfa came early, too, so we had the mikes to ourselves for about an hour, before everybody else came piling in: Asri with her boyfriend and little sister, Rama and Ines, and Vira.

Even though I can’t sing very well, screaming, yodeling, yammering and strangling songs is often a good way to get stress out of the system, escpecially if there’s a thing that reminds you of the lyrics (I never had a good memory for lyrics). Money, and time, well spent.

Later that night, not feeling it was time to go home yet, me, Alfa and Vira headed to Citos to hang out and talk, and we settled at a nice place called Dixie (Dixie is actually one of my favorite watering holes, with branches at KTS, Aston Hotel and Kemang). And suddenly it was 2 am already, so we went home…

Thanks for the great night, guys.

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Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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