Off To The Battleground!

Today, I got together with my former high school friends and went to a place called Brigade 3234 in the Gunung Putri area, West Java. What is this place? It’s a battleground. A battleground for paintball games; and we sure had a lot of fun!

After a briefing on how to use the weapons, basic rules of the game and so on, and divided us into 2 teams, we were given uniforms, masks, helmets, and our weapons… and off to the battleground we went! The first session was ‘take the enemy’s flag’; and after a brief strategy session, our team effectively took the enemy flag with the home base safe from attack. The second session, there was no flag-taking, just basic kill-em-all, with anybody with the paintmarks having to get out of the game. I took a hit early, and got out of the arena, but apparently there was no paintmark, so I went back in, unfortunately for an early demise as well. Oh well, so much for playing soldier.

After that, some of us went for a swim at the pool in the complex, and then we all ate sate kambing at Sentul, before heading home. I crashed by Yadi’s place, as my friends dropped me off near his house, and quickly dozed off before tagging along him and a roomate for some dinner. I didn’t eat, as I had so much sate kambing.

I must say, the paintball game was really fun, and I’d love to do it again sometime. All in all, I had a pretty refreshing weekend. Tomorrow, back to the boredom… or hecticness.

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Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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