The Vicious Cycle

I have to get off the damn rollercoaster. It’s taking me too fast, in turns too sharp for me to handle, not to mention manouvers that I cannot anticipate. Time to take a breather in the park next to the rollercoaster tracks, and enjoy the view and fresh air for a while.
Instead of vomiting each time I descend from the apex, maybe I should just get off, and look for a ride I can handle; or maybe just simply take a time out. I have to get out of the vicious cycle present on the rollercoaster tracks.
I must admit, the thrill was fun, but, I guess it’s about time to forget about thrill-seeking and just get on with everything else. On the other hand, maybe I wasn’t ready to get on the rollercoaster anyway, and took it way out of proportion.
It’s funny how the view changes when you get off. It’s never quite the same, but never too different either. I guess it also depends on how you take it in.
So, be my companion in my garden of dissatisfaction, and remind me of the fruit of blessings.

About barijoe

Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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