Sick Of It All!

I haven’t been posting lately because 1). I’ve been not of good health lately, with a bout of flu overcoming me, high tempratures and everything. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay home and rest because 2). there was soooooooooo much work to do towards the weekend, I had to come in to finish it all. So I had to endure drastic changes of body temprature while mulling away at my computer reviewing Excel sheets and PowerPoint presentations. It’s not enjoyable, believe me, and the only consolation was the contstant stream of chocolates I had to uphold to keep my brain in proper working order.
So there were presentations and surveys I had to finish by Friday (I kept putting them off since there was a lot of other work to do) for discussion at a conference early March, and there was a detailed business proposal that I had to make by February end, requiring input and research from a lot of other people (thus taking a lot of time as well).
And there’s the final revelling in the latest situation; I just can’t get my mind off it. I don’t know what to do until it’s over, maybe for the better anyway. But it’s still weeks away,… so I just sit here looking stupid, confused if I should enjoy it while I can or just take steps to get used to the loss. Indeed, however bad or good, it is a loss, and I was never good at handling losses.
I’m taking the weekend to properly regroup my strength and sanity, taking it easy before 2 hectic weeks ahead. I think the worst part of the flu is over, no more tempratures, but now comes the runny nose part. Ugh.
As I said to a friend yesterday, the worst part of being sick is the loneliness. It’s not missing someone anymore, or longing for someone to just, be there,… it’s just pure damn loneliness.

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