The Aftermath Of The Long Week

I’m too tired to even start telling my story for the past week; I had time to go online but never really had the energy or ideas to post something. When usually I take time to take pictures on my phone, I never really had the energy to do that either. The conference took every effort to keep my mind working, concentrating and processing issues; and at some points, staying awake. The sessions I participated in were up to a day longer than everybody else, so when all my office friends were out having the time of their life in Bangkok, I was still cooped up in a meeting and dinner until Friday night.
The conference itself was very useful, and it gave me a lot of information and renewed energy to do my job properly; because, as you may have seen in this blog, I’ve been kind of winging it. Thus, when I’m back in Jakarta, the war will start all over again.
I only had time to go around Bangkok today, and it was more spent looking for stuff for friends and loved ones at home; going around Chaktuchak (the weekend market), Siam Square, Siam Centre, MBK and Chit Lom; and resulting in severe foot pains. Once I reached the apartment that four of us were staying in, I immediately took a prolonged warm bath to soote the aching muscles.
The trip was great, but all I can think about now is going home, pulling through the week ahead and getting some delayed rest. Also, let’s just say there’s something that’s making me feel good these days, but I don’t want to spill anything until something really happens. I mean, really as in real life. Yeah, real life, and not in my head for once.
Next week will also mark the end of something graciously self-educating, although coming with it’s share of pain and happiness. At least I think it will end, we’ll have to see, won’t we?

I’ll tell some more details of the past weeks when I have fully recuperated.
As usual, I’m keeping things ambiguous… to save myself some embarrasment.

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