Belated Travel Report

A few days ago, I made a long post with photos and everything, about the trip to Bangkok. When I finally finished the post and clicked the “publish post” button, …. the network went down, and so I lost the post. The entire post. So… I’ll just put up the pictures here, and a few captions.

the living room of the apartment four of us rented for the week in Bangkok. It was HUGE!

The dome of The Dome, where the artist’s showcase on the first night occured.

An alleyway of the Chaktuchak weekend market in Bangkok.

One of the main roads that run around the Chaktuchak market.

While in transit at KLIA, I had time to go online and check email and upload these pictures, through Wi-Fi.

Another view of KLIA, with the laptop in the bottom left-hand corner.

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