A Taste Of Things To Come?

A great, refreshing weekend to start life anew on Monday.
On Friday, my parents dropped by my place, bearing food and more food, and I gave them my gifts from my Bangkok trip. I gave Mom one set of salt-and-pepper shakers in the form of cats, and another wood statue of a Siamese cat (if you haven’t caught the drift, my Mom loves cats). I gave my Dad a pair of genuine leather shoes, which apparently are of better quality in Thailand, rather than here at home.
Afterwards, after a long stretch of not seeing each other because of various responsibilities, I met up with Sacha at Carrefour, and later joined Vira and a couple of other of their office friends to watch the first episode of Indonesian Idol’s new season. We had a blast watching, and since they made the show, they were always talking about this and that detail, or how they didn’t like a certain part, and so on. The night went on with chilling at Barbados after an abortive visit to Second Floor. We walked the way from Second Floor to Barbados.. and I must say, I enjoyed the walk more than the bar.
Saturday, I went shopping! I brought Nelly along as my personal stylist, as apparently I have no hope whatsoever in picking something out for myself. I picked out 2 shirts, 3 t-shirts, and a vest (don’t ask me how much it cost me). Afterwards, Vira gathered a couple of us for dinner, and I finally was able to give her her Bangkok souvenirs (I had already given her her birthday present). Funny thing is, I gave her souvenirs from Alfa too, which Alfa asked me to give to her, and at that very occasion Alfa was there also. Ha. Later that night, I went out with Nelly and Sarah for a round of fried rice with mutton.
Sunday was slow day; the intention was I go over to Vira and Tanti’s place and fix Vira’s computer, as last time I tried to use it, it didn’t turn on, and I had not properly set up the harddisk I gave her. The computer turned out to be fine, and I easily set up the harddisk, so that left me joining a DVD marathon of The O.C. with them, and supper later at Lokananta. I went to EX with Tanti later, and picked out a nice jacket on a whim (man, am I turning into a shopping freak??) and then we hung out at Gloria Jeans chatting.

Now that I’ve written everything down… suddenly my weekend feels… expensive. Ha hahahaha!!!

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Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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