Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events

If nothing else does, the stunning stylistic visuals of this movie will blow you away. The story is certainly for kids, as it would seem a bit unmemorable for most adults, but the visual effects are a treat for either the parents accompaniying the kids or people like we, who were enticed by the visuals in the trailer anyway. I don’t know if I should say “Bravo!” or “Booorrriiiing!” to Jim Carrey’s performance as 3 characters in the movie, yet as I often do, I get myself into the mood of the movie and find his roleplay eccentricly and absurdly entertaining.
The story is about 3 kids with rich parents, who are suddenly orphaned; they are then handed over to the custody of Count Olaf (Jim Carrey) who is more interested in the inheritance and his own artistic ego rather than the children. And from there, let’s just say, everything goes downhill from there.
I watched it last night, and I remember that after the movie I was still enthralled by the imagery; but now, the day later, other than the imagery, the story is vaguely remembered. The characters themselves, on the other hand, are still recorded in my head, but not because we got to know them during the movie, but it was kind of force-fed at the beginning of the movie. Let’s just say, the moviemakers dreamed up so much for imagery that they didn’t leave much room for imagination from the moviegoer’s part.
Otherwise, the movie is a visualfest if it’s nothing else, and purely enjoyable if you remember just that. In other words, it’s a comic book. I’d love to read the books, although watching the movie first would of ruined the imagery that could of come forth.


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