It seems that I have always had this spirit around me to ‘start things anew’ these days, but I never seem to know how to start it off. Self-evaluation was never one of my strong points (when self-inflicted blame is). Sometimes – more often then not – I need the help of my friends to see not just the bad sides of me, but also the better side of me as well.
I have to be grateful for the presence of a friend, who I will not name here, that always finds time in-between her time-demanding job to listen, to care, and if nothing else, accompany me while a double-scoop bowl of chocolate ice cream tries to console me. Nobody can give me answers, but you gave me the right, hard questions that I must contemplate on (other than the fact that you think I think too much). I don’t think I was ever satisfied just accepting some sort of solution or answer, especially when I can explore it in depth and see if it’s the right solution or not; but helping to identify the problems and sort out the right questions to face first hand, evidently is more important and exceedingly beneficial in the long run.
I’ve always been one to question myself, but when I run out of questions in my own confusion, and my instinctive drive to give solutions or summaries to everything, a little help is greatly appreciated. So… here’s to you! Cheers!
The road will be rough, confusing and definitely painful, but with friends like you, the journey will be much, much more bearable.


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Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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