The never quiet night descends on the city, enfolding what was once covered by light of the sun, into darkness, except those spots, counted in the billions, where a piece of wire inside a glass encasing aspires to replace the daylight. Below them, people all around the city try to grab an extra portion of life, extending their activities from what could have been done only in light. Cheating the destiny of darkness with personal illumination, people continue their efforts to complete their never-complete lives.
Thus entire constructs were brought up to contain many people to deny the night, to deny the darkness, and continue aspiring. From entire buildings to single points of candlelight, the once 12-hour monopoly on man’s work has been expanded to virtually double, to the ever-increasing demand for the improvement of man. Either we fully acknowledge the entrance of the night and the process towards a new day, or we lie to ourselves and reject the idea that the day can end, that the day will be replaced with another day, tomorrow. The terms “yesterday”, “today”, and “tomorrow” are conjectures of points in time that are either in our head, in the self-regulating spatia of our brain, or actual definitions defined by the mathematics of the globe’s rotation. Either way, days go on for longer compared to the past, work goes on for longer, life goes on for longer, and daily revelations, lies, denials, rejections, triumphs are stretched into more moments and giving space for more.

As the universe is limited, so is the day, and so are the hours of life. At one point, the universe will stop expanding; the day will turnover to another… and thus also the hours of life. Everything is finite. So things have to stop and change to others, sooner or later…

Change your life.


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Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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