Sideways. One of those “Oscar” movies, or so I thought; you know, one of those movies they specifically make for an Academy Award bid. Who knows the true intentions of the directors, producers or the movie studio who made this film, the movie will stay in my head as a movie that makes you believe that the characters are absolutely real, with real problems, real mistakes, and real soul.
It tells the tale of two best friends, Jack and Miles, as they go on a weeklong trip in wine country before Jack’s marriage. Alcohol mixes with lust, loneliness, depression, spontenaity, and bad thinking, and everything happens. You kind of already know what’s going to happen next, but you never really think about it, as the movie, more than just trying to tell a story, tries to share with you the assortment of characters, their life, their drama, their ideals, and their frustrations. The story moves along while, essentially, you feel Jack’s boyishness, you feel Miles’ depression, and you can even taste the wine they are tasting as they tour wine country tasting wine from various wineries. The movie has its own life, as wine does, as implied in the movie by one of the characters, as minute by minute it evolves on the screen and in your head at the same time. People will find that why they liked the movie, why it was important (or not) to them, will change to here and there, and find more personal undertones within the movie itself. The movie felt important to me – as the movie tells mainly of Miles’ depression, at least from my perspective – as a reminder of many things, as a moment to laugh at yourself for your own stupidity, as something to make you feel that it’s OK to be human.

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