The Weekend So Far…

It’s Sunday morning, but I’ve had a great weekend so far. Weekends are supposed to be entertaining, refreshing, and relaxing, to get out all those loose ends off from a week of strenuous work, and recharge for the week ahead. So, I guess the weekend so far has fulfilled its purpose, of course with its own set of happy moments and dissapointments.
After work on Friday, me, Nelly and 2 of our friends headed to Pro Steak at Radio Dalam for a steak dinner (obviously). The steaks were great, and the price was comfortable, too; so I might be going there again some time. After that I accompanied Nelly to her next appointment venue, then went home, where Yadi was already relaxing with a book. The option was either to go to Embassy, where there was a Ja Rule Pre-Event party going on, and going to NewsCafe to watch 2nd Born, a local band, perform with a couple of other friends. We decided to go to Embassy, but apparetnly I wasn’t on the promised guest list; so we went to NewsCafe at Kemang to join the others. After, I had a meal with Yadi and Vira before finally reaching home at 4 am (when I had promised both Sacha and Alfa that I would wake them up at 7 am). Well, I did, and I went back to sleep again. Only at about 9 I got up, as at around 11 I was going to hook up with Alfa to check out a fitness centre close to my office, but before that, we met up with Vira and Tanti for brunch.
The fitness centre looked ok, and was in relatively close proximity to my office, so I commited myself to joining it (and try to lose some weight) as long as either Tanti or Alfa accompanied me. Since it’s not exactly my favorite activity, I have to have someone along to accompany me. Anyway, the plan for later that night was going to a wedding with Nelly and a couple of other friends, but that plan blew, and I just went out playing pool with Nelly and Alfa. Both of them still couldn’t hold a cue stick properly, but it was fun anyway; at least I won every game. Fat chance of that happening if I played pool against Oettie, my usual pool friend (who has 10 years advantage on me on about everything, I might add).
Today, the plan was to meet up with Pitty and her boyfriend for another round of pool… but we’ll just have to see how the day goes, won’t we?

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