Ouch… Ouch… Ouch

Yesterday morning I went to the gym with Alfa, after having Jacky and Yadi stay over at my place (more of that later). We met up there at 9 AM, and started the routines; treadmill, stationary bike, and that cardio-whatever thing, Natural Runner or something… then I stupidly did some unsupervised sit-ups. I did them on one of those slanted platforms; and did them from the slanted position and pulled myself upright 15 times. It didn’t feel right, and now my entire abdomen is in pain in testament of that mistake. Ouch… ouch… ouch…
I had a healthy (!) salad lunch with Alfa later, then hooked up with a couple of other friends for some pool… Ok, I think I can safely say I’m getting better, since I won almost all the games. I can expand my game to start thinking about strategy, and not worry too much about getting the ball in the first time. He he.
Yadi and Jacky were staying over because we want to participate in a TV design competition, so we were up the night before talking concepts, drawing and sketching stuff. We’re pretty excited with our concept; but now I think we’ll have to be realistic about the time we have left to do the actual work, as the deadline is on May 1st, and I have to be out of town for half the week. Things would be better if I could install Mechanical Desktop on my laptop, but I tried several times yesterday, I couldn’t. Perhaps it’s a version incompatibility thing; who knows. I’ll try again later lah… In the meantime, I still haven’t prepared for the trip to KL… but I’ll get around to it.
Tomorrow morning, I want to try going to the gym in the morning (as opposed to after work), which would probably be more refreshing. Well.. depends on how much sleep I get the night before, I guess.
Sometimes I’m suprised on how little time I have to do a lot of stuff, when at other times I have so much time on my hands, I’m bored to death. I guess, it is a general dillema.
OK, time to start thinking my strategy. What strategy, you may ask? The days will tell their tales when they come. đŸ˜€

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Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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