Million Dollar Baby

An absolutely astounding movie. Absolutely astounding. A tale of a female boxer, and her trainer, but not quite what you’d expect from a boxing movie per se. There are fights, all right, but the fights all occur more inside the heart rather than the boxing ring. There are bits of the story, in hindsight, seemed unnecessary, and gave the impression that it was intentionally inserted to add to the ‘heart’ factor of the story; but even this does not diminish the experience we get from watching the movie, and the sad little subplot given eventually earns an integral position within the story.
I cheered, I broke my heart, I laughed, I cried, when watching the movie, even getting confused at some points. It takes you through the very human struggles of essentially non-persons in a Hollywood world of superheroes, tricked-up cars and spacecraft, and we cheer their very human triumphs and sympathise their very human failures.
The movie had personal impact also on me, as it is essentially a tale of love between the boxer and her trainer. All the elements are there; the arguments, the devotion, the dedication, the small loving gestures, the compromises, and the visions together. It’s not a love story as Hollywood would generally portray it, but it is a love story nevertheless. A love, not quite platonic, not the least bit sexually charged, but a strong and binding love all the same. The love you feel for those people who you would like to think are family but actually aren’t, the love for the friend who rain or shine has always just been there, and, perhaps unique to my case, the simply unconditional love you feel to those close to you; and often misunderstood, even by myself.

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