Tough Decisions

Part of growing up, is making tough decisions. Having to make bad decisions, things that will surely be painful at first, but better off in the long run. Thinking about what would be good in the long run is supposedly related to adulthood, to ‘growing up’, to maturity in character and wisdom.
Somehow, everything we do today, ideally, is for the future, and we use the past (anybody’s past, for that matter) for reference. If that is the case, then how will we ever evolve? Then human life will be simple cycle, rather than ever-expanding branches of trees.
Those who innovate always went out on a limb, went against accepted wisdom, and just went ahead and did something. Always had some sort of fight with existing authority, whatever that may be, and always was not accepted at first, when society did not recognize its possible virtues. Of course, doing and succeeding are two different things, and the strength of character of these people depends on how many times they can take failure or rejection before actually getting some worthwhile results.
But should you still listen to other people, when everybody usually thinks the accepted wisdom as the truest? When should you listen, and when should you not? How does your logic play into this, when all you can rely on is your gut feeling and that little voice inside?

I have taken the safe road much too long; I have played it safe and logical much too long. The steps I take tomorrow will depend on how I can listen to both my heart and my logic at the same time, not get crazy about it, and do whatever’s best, for whatever cause. Let’s just throw the damn stone in the valley and see where it lands, instead of just thinking about throwing the stone.

Thus, tough decisions have to be made anyway.

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Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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