Kingdom Of Heaven

An epic film regarding the defense of Jerusalem during the times of Christian conquest, though uncannily, it is depicted that there were Christian knights interested in maintaining the peace between Jerusalem and Saladin’s kingdom, and the Knights Templar who were interested in nothing other than killing Arabs (read: Muslims). It differs from what we hear (not read; I believe I have not read one single piece of authorative history on the era) of that the Christian Knights forced Christianity during the Crusades, or that the Muslim kingdom of Saladin was utterly merciless and barbaric.
In this movie, neither are depicted so (except the Knights Templar); I’d say that both sides are depicted just as even-handed as you can in such situations. All are just humans doing what they have to do for their people; some brutal, some compassionate. And it would strike a knife in every fanatic about the Middle East situation when Balian, the main character of the movie, asks Saladin, “What is Jerusalem worth?” Saladin answers… “Nothing….. and everything.” And although the movie is filled with splitting heads, stabs, and other variations of blood-spilling, the core of the movie still tries to tell us the virtues of the good heart, and the pricelessness of every single human being (and also how men abuse it so).
Visually, the movie is stunning, giving us a real window into the era, creating landscapes and cityscapes utterly believable, and for a layman’s point of view, authentic.
I hear that some Muslims here have spoken out against this movie, and possibly take it out of distribution, although I’m not sure because of what. Despite there are some incorrect depictions of praying in the movie, the movie itself does not give miscredit to the Muslims of that era. Perhaps they are afraid that after watching the movie, people will then sympathize with Christians or Jews, and God forbid that, right? That’s what I heard one friend saying about Schindler’s List, saying it will give people misperceptions and make the sympathize the Jews.
You know what I say? There is too much hate in this world as it is, let’s not add to it. God taught us to love, not hate each other. Leave everything else, like differing religions, up to ourselves, and ultimately up to Him in the end. With that note, Kingdom Of Heaven is worth watching.

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