Pakced As Hell!

I’m sure some readers notice that I have not posted anything here for at least a week; that’s because, well, finally, I’m trying to increase my effectiveness at work, whatever it is. This means more hours toiling away in front of the computer, or perhaps setting up and going to meetings; doing things with daily targets (it’s about time, man…) and sticking to them. Yeah, it’s about time I took myself to the next level and start to kick some ass!!
I am also starting to organize my life other than work, including timing my working out sessions, going out with friends, and everything. Although usually I was the organized type of person, at one point in time I decided I wanted to do everything more spontaneously and on-the-spot. This went rather well for a couple of years, but now the benefits of a more organized life is overshadowing that of a spontaneous life (well, not 100% organized, just more scheduled, that’s all) is beginning to settle in.
Time to start using that damn smartphone more effectively. Time to actually put down the task lists and appointments, instead of relying on my memory; as it’s getting to the point that it’s impossible to remember everything. Time to enforce some more discipline on myself, and perhaps my friends also… I even made a pact with Nelly that we would remind each other about work; at least motivate each other about work when things are just mundane.
Also… time to be more relaxed and start to enjoy life! Stop being so damn pessimistic! Start looking life in the eye and say “I got your game”.

wish me luck guys.

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Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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