The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

This movie is an adaptation from Douglas Adam’s acclaimed 5-book series of mixing science fiction and humor at its best, and being very British about it at the same time. The books of my childhood have finally come to life, in the first installation of hopefully movies following the subsequent sequels (well, the end of the movie hinted about it anyway).
I’m not sure if this movie will be box office, or even if it will even hit theaters in Indonesia (I watched it on DVD), but it is a definitely entertaining, if quaint movie. I’m not sure people may appreciate the movie like I do, but I must say that I loved the movie partly because I am familiar with the books, and the unique British wit that went into each line. No American moviemaker in his right mind would be able to make something like this.
The movie itself tells about the misadventures of Arthur Dent, your usual everyman in most aspects, who is trying to stop the government demolishing his house for a new freeway. In a quirk turn of events, the Earth itself is actually destroyed to make way for an interstellar highway, which is only part of Arthur Dent’s adventure cruising through the galaxy.
A definite must-watch for lovers of British comedy, science fiction, and perhaps those who love absolutely absurd and unnecessary movies.

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