Hope Springs

I hope this is it.
I hope it’s the one.
I hope it will work out okay.
I hope everything will smoothen out properly.
I hope I can take the trials of the journey.
I hope I can sort out the problems properly, maybe not to solve, but to accept and compromise.
I hope the journey is taking me in the proper direction.
I hope it’s right.
I hope it’s the best for me.
I hope for it to last.
I hope it can make me happy.
I hope, that even if it makes me sad, I can get through it.
I hope the band will be playing my tune for once.
I hope I can be more optimistic.
I hope I can invest more trust in it.
I hope I can be strong enough.
I hope I’m doing it right.
I hope it can be strong enough for me.
I hope it will drown away my depressive traits, but if not, hopefully it can soothe it well.
I hope…

I hope for hope.

About barijoe

Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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