That Day That Always Comes Around Every Year

Hey, so, it’s been a few days since my last post. I’ve been totally busy, working in the day and working in the night. There has been a lot of stuff to finish, and even now I’m not finished yet. Nevertheless, last Tuesday, June 21st, was my birthday.
June 21st started off with me at an internet cafe, as suddenly my home internet connection faltered, and I had to run there to finish my work for the day. At 12 AM, I was sitting in front of the computer, uploading data, when the first phone call came in. Even before that call, uncannily, a friend posted a ‘happy birthday’ testimonial for me, and I read it at about 12 AM, ha ha… what are the chances?
I only stayed at the internet cafe til 2 AM, because I was already dead tired by then, and I went home. Mom being Mom, insisting that she come over with homemade pizza for me to bring to the office, showed up at my place at about 7.30ish… bringing pizza… and a brand new DVD player! I was…. stoked! Didn’t see that one coming, as usually my parents don’t buy me anything special for my birthday, and I never expected them to. The funny thing is… the TV I’m using is as old as me, so the DVD player is temporarily unuseable (except as a CD player). Ha ha… so I guess I’ll have to buy a new TV when I have enough money to spare.
So anyway… Mom dropped me off at the office with the pizza, which was apparently not enough for office friends. I had to buy a chocolate cake later in the day so I could give out enough to everyone. Nelly, Detta, Sarah and Zaki pitched in and got me an electric shaver, to my suprise! I hardly have a beard, and I usually shave about once in 3 days… but of course, an electric shaver is kind of like a “stepping stone” towards the future, hhahaha….
At lunch time, apparently my office friends conspired for us to eat out together, and they bought a cake and one simple candle… and sung “happy birthday”… I was suddenly touched, as it had been a long time since anybody actually celebrated my birthday without me pulling everyone for lunch or dinner together. Thanks, guys…
I spent the rest of the night working again; with a lot of my friends asking, why aren’t you out celebrating or anything? Well, truth to be said, I’m broke, and had a lot of work to do…
Well, anyway, until yesterday there were still some calls and SMSes saying happy belated birthday… hehe…
So far, this is the most memorable birthday, since I love suprises, and I got a lot of that!

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