Misunderstandings, Misconceptions and Misgivings

The day that didn’t start out right actually began before today, last night, when everything was still dark but noisy, when the skies stayed silent instead of pouring rain and instants of light, when a lot of people were still hurrying home by whatever means possible. The body was tired, but I felt obligated to accompany two close friends to another friend’s wedding to a location, which to some people would be considered almost out of town. We didn’t stay long, as we hardly knew anyone there, and we went to Gelato to cool the night down with some hot drinks and chit chat.
The talk was okay, the company was okay, but the body still did not feel well, and I was somehow already upset about something; something almost within grasp, but always just almost.
Later in the night a co-worker called me to ask a few questions about work; since I had left the office from 2 PM that day for a meeting, I did not return to the office and had no idea what transpired. Apparently there was a big, screaming misunderstanding between 3 co-workers, which could of been settled by giving me a short call (which none of them did). That added to the bad mood, as I have always had some reservations towards the lack of good communication between some co-workers, thus proven by this event. My body was also too tired to get on with work after reaching home, so I slept with a restless heart, waking up almost every hour; and eventually getting up at 6.30 AM to do a bit of work.
Hoping, expecting and waiting were never one of my better traits, and always bordered on worrying and getting restless all the time, because of something that bothers me, and because of something that still shows no light of ever settling. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t… the uncertainty kills me.
Later I have to lead up a big meeting… hopefully the mood will be better then.

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