Catching Up

The past week has been totally packed, with a deadline on Thursday morning, and a visit from my superiors from Paris on Wednesday until Friday; not to mention last-minute work and decisions from the beginning of the week. I unintentionally buried myself in work last week, although I make a point of never doing that, and only being able to catch up on my life through phone calls and short conversations.
Because of the utter exhaustion, I spend most of my weekend at home (not that I have someone to spend weekends with anyway). I did go to the cellular & computer exhibition, but it was so packed I really didn’t get to enjoy anything, let alone buy anything. I watched some DVDs, wrote another short story (as yet unfinished), but I did go karaokeing with a couple of friends late Saturday night. Sunday was mostly spent sleeping, if not for that short trip to the mall to grab some new DVDs. I watched DVDs the entire day (and night), and sort of enjoying the silence and solitude.
There’s still a lot of work to do this week, but I think I’ll be able to appreciate the silence and solitude of the night, now that the project is so far finished from my side.

About barijoe

Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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