The Idiot Box Returns

You’d probably remember that I have been deprived of my TV-watching rights for almost a month now, without really feeling the loss, as I can watch DVDs on either of my computers, and do not have any important TV series to follow. Thus, I was happily TV-less… but eventually, I felt the need for one as I was missing out on news, new shows, and everything else that is on TV….
So yesterday, I bought this:

It’s not as big as my older 21″ TV, it’s a 17″ one; much, much more suitable for the room and its surroundings, as with the current layout, a large TV would block out light from the windows. So now I can listen to CDs and watch DVDs with much more flexibility; never having to wait for the computer to start up (the process gets longer every year, doesn’t it?), and enjoy something I haven’t been able to do for a long time: use a remote for changing channels! Now, my old TV, is (or was?) as old as me, so it takes more physical effort to change the channels, i.e. turning the knob. So very 70’s.
When I told Mom I had finally bought a new TV, Mom said that a TV repairman friend mentioned that the old TV could be converted to a multi-channel remote-controlled thing-of-a-jig for Rp 500 thousand (whereas the new TV cost me Rp 1.1 million). In hindsight, the old TV enabled to play DVDs would be a bit more cooler than the TV above, at least for me, anyway… oh well. I might do it anyway just for the heck of it when I can spare the money.

Ok… back to the DVDs then…

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