21st Century Schizophrenia Is, Unfortunately, Absolute

Messages and images of the past keep waking me in mid-sleep, to face the reality of what has been, and not what could be. Reason states that all is over and done with, and everything should be well. But no, that is not what is happening. What do dreams reflect; a random mix of recollection, or an aspiration of the present and future? Are dreams what drive us, or are they what fuels our inherent partial madness; in the obligatory schizophrenia of the 21st century?
What makes sense cannot make sense to another, yet we swallow reality as a whole and tolerate the differences when we can. Happiness, feelings of elation, or sadness and pain; are relative constructs without definite reverence. Only through a decision of paradigm can we reach a commonality of what is real, and what is false; whereas actually everything is up in the air for anyone’s guess to interpret. Whole societies, thus, will never be able to decide on anything for a standard, let alone individuals who cannot formulate an accurate description of their feelings and thoughts for full comprehension of their fellows.
Then how can man judge when paradigms are not constructed anymore? How can man decide on a course of action when even the facts are object to relative observation? What is truth when truth is only an agreed upon perspective of possible fiction?
What man can do… is try. The heart (and faith, for those who believe) serves as the guide for these paranoid times. Whether or not it is the truth, it creates and binds civilization, preventing it from total chaos and disorder.
Believe what your heart says, but listen to it every moment, even in your sleep. Whether you listen to it or not is totally up to you.
I believe that I must try until I cannot try any more.

But then… everything is relative, right? Including my willpower.

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Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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