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Strange Email

I got this strange email today.

From: “Neateye” Add to Address Book
To: “Barijoe”
Subject: Gouranga
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2005 00:05:04 +0100

Call out Gouranga be happy!!!
Gouranga Gouranga Gouranga ....
That which brings the highest happiness!!

Hmm…. wonder what it means? No attachements or anything, so it’s not a virus; it went to my webmail account, and it went direct to my bulk mail folder. Hmm. Any ideas?

2 Days, 3 Cities

Last weekend was a bit crazy, to say the least.
I got home really late Friday night although I planned to take the trip to Bogor early. I purposedly took my time with everything, enjoying the night with good company, and sleeping in late anyway.
When I woke up in the morning, I still took my time; I lay in bed until I was really sure I was going to be late, as a friend said that he would be there from 10 AM. So… I got up at 9, collected by baggage for the weekend, and started the 2-hour trek to Bogor.
I took a bus from near home to Lebak Bulus, then in turn took one of the smaller buses to Parung. The trip was long and hot, and all I really got out from it was the sense of adventure, not having done it in a while. I connected with another minibus to Bogor from Parung, and finally reached my old high school. There was a 50 year anniversary and reunion, and me and a lot of my high school friends would be meeting up there.
Apparently, I was early, and none of my friends were there yet, so I went to one of my friend’s houses nearby to just hang there until the gang got together. We played cards for God knows how long, just like in high school; which brought to mind the question: did we really do any studying in high school?
Later that day, finally the people started coming from all over, and it was great seeing all those old friends who ave gone somewhere or another; some married, some pregnant, some still happily single, a lot still depressingly single, and most of the men fatter. We talked, traded business cards, talked about old times, talked about all those years after, and of course made fun of each other like old times. Whatever peer pressure gaps occured in the high school years, almost evaporated after years of distance and wisdom. Of course, birds of a feather flock together, and we all still grouped in our previous gangs (or lack thereof). After the end of the day’s events at 10 PM, most of us moved to a popular cafe in Bogor and stayed there until 1 AM. It still went on after that, to a simpler (and cheaper) roadside foodstall, and eventually we reached Anes’ house by 3 AM. Anes and Bonni planned to go to Jakarta at 5 AM, and me to Bandung at the same time, so instead of risking sleeping and missing 5 AM, we played cards again until 5.
The guys dropped me off at the bus station, and I begun another leg of my trek to Bandung by bus, reaching Bandung at around 10 AM. I went to Yadi’s house, and after a full 15 minutes visit for freshening up and a change of clothes, I went to a friend’s wedding reception. Tike, one of the prettiest girls of our class (university, that is) got married, and I went there with Yadi ti meet Yari and Lukman (who were probably the only visitors from our class). We eventually split at about 1 PM, as Coki was a no-show, and I joined Nadia and her office mates at Heritage. I just tagged along with them doing the Jakarta-tourist-coming-to-Bandung thing before going back to Jakarta with them.
I finally reached home by 12 AM… wholly tired… but somehow satisfied. I did not make any specific plans, and everything worked out in the end anyway.

To Pose A Few Questions

What do you hear when the lights are down, and the CD has stopped?
What do you think when you’re almost in dreamland?
Whose face do you see, when you look into the glittering starry midnight?