The Rest Of The Weekend

To pick up at Friday night…

After the showcase, which was great, by the way, I went to find a bite to eat with Sacha, catching up on current events, at Dimsum Festival Kemang, lately the “in” place for late-night dinners and hanging out.
Saturday: I went apartement-hunting with Tanti to Sudirman Park, which has a pretty good location in the middle of the city; but I guess I won’t be investing any money in that area soon. We stopped by the All Men Expo, which reversely was filled with a lot of beautiful sales/promotion girls, and dropped by to say hi to Intan and the Boleh crew before heading to Sacha’s place. We went to Ratu Plaza to do some shopping (groceries, DVDs) before dropping Tanti home and heading to Dharmawangsa Square to meet Coki, Sarah, Rama, Ines, Yadi and Jacky. To avoid an expensive dinner, we moved on to Radio Dalam until 2 AM. Yadi stayed over again.
Sunday: We woke up pretty early, considering we only slept at about 3 AM, to the car wash and for some breakfast; Yadi even managed to get a haircut. At 11 we headed out to our friend’s wedding in Ragunan; we met a couple of friends there, and I met my ex who I haven’t met in a year. It was an interestingly nonchalant encounter, and we caught up on basic facts and stories. It was good to see her, at any rate. I spent the rest of the day at home, in between DVDs and sleep, until later that night I just got up and drove around Jakarta, looking at the city lights, and speeding here and there just for the fun of it. Later I dropped by Mia’s place, with her in the middle of work, and stayed until 2 AM again simply because I wasn’t feeling sleepy yet, and there was a good episode of CSI on cable.

I still feel the odd hours of sleep eating away at me… so hopefully I’ll have better sleep later tonight.

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Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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