Days That Are Rolling By

I am sitting in a cybercafe in my beloved home city, Bandung, on a short weekend trip to do the unecessary things that I havenever had time for in previous months. All the while, I still have to go here and download some work documents for me to follow up tomorrow. They’re huge! 10 MB in all, and I have no idea on how I am going to spread the files to the rest of the team, internet being what it is these days.
Anyway, I did have some missions accomplished yesterday; me and Tanti visited Sena, Santi and their new baby. Their daughter is the spitting image of Sena, similar down to the eating habits, haha. Before, I hooked up with an online buddy, Avi, and she accompanied me to Sekeloa, where you can find good second-hand CDs for a reasonable price, and BEC to do some phone-browsing. Avi was jumpng up and down excitedly, looking at all those CDs, because she had never been there before; I took my time and finally bought 5 CDs to my ever-expanding CD collection. Time to buy that CD tower. We went to BEC because my phone had been acting up all the time for the past months, and I had just about had it with the dumb thing, and only this morning I got an inspiration on what phone I should get if all efforts to repair the phone comes to no avail.
Me and Tanti hooked up with a Lambey, Herra and Boncel at one of my favorite restaurants, Warung Sate Maranggi. They serve a totally delicious fried rice with mutton (extra chilli, of course) and at a good price, too. I was really suprised that the prices remained the same after so long, and the bill for 3 people was equal to what I would pay for one meal in Jakarta. I knew this difference, but I still couldn’t believe it.
Anyway, last week me and Mia started work and ideas on a small Lebaran parcel project for some additional income (well actually, it had been her idea all along). So we bought some sample stuff, and Mia was going to make some pictures of the parcel packaging with the stuff inside (if you don’t know, these Lebaran parcels are usually decorated packages filled with various food and beverages; and usually given to other people as gifts). Well, I think I’ll leave Mia to the initial packaging, as when it comes to handiwork, I am now all thumbs and better off typing something on a keyboard.
Last Thursday, a long postponed dinner with Nadia came about, with her treating me at a somewhat exotic Japanese yakitori restaurant called Konoha. Although I had dinner earlier together with break of fasting, when Nadia called just to say “Are we on?” I was immediately tempted. We met the night before at the bus station and she promised she would make good on her deal with me when I bought her dinner when she was extraordinariy broke. So we went… and the food was sooooo good…. and so damn expensive! I ended up paying part of the bill anyway, out of pity to Nadia. Well… I think Konoha has become an official yearly habit. Once a year is enough, any more would sting my wallet… hahaha…


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