Just A Little Story

It’s quiet, the artificial cooling of the building has stopped for the day. Not that the building needs much cooling, with regard to the weather; but it is also a necessity because most of the building does not have proper outside ventilation. No, the windows cannot be opened. The air is somewhat clean, from a previous downpour, but ready to take on the daily dose of strange gases coming from human contraptions like automobiles.
The sky can’t seem to decide what color it wants to be, because the clouds are cramping its style. On a usual sunny day, the sky would be proudly blue, forcing any clouds, if present, to settle with white; today, as the clouds thought of losing some weight and let go of some water to the earth, the sky got mixed feelings, because of the sudden attention people gave to the clouds… and hid behind the clouds with a shade of grey. The sky and clouds are always at odds, sometimes also with the sun, sometimes obnoxiously radiant and hot, sometimes snobbish and hiding away behind the clouds also.
Sunset is coming, and it’s the only time the sky, the clouds, and the sun get along, to bring about a wonderous pallete of colors to feast the eye; and they do it every day, for free. It is the least they can do, before the sky goes to sleep, turning black, the sun goes off somewhere, and the clouds… well, the clouds do stick around, sneaking about, actually, and will hit you with a raindrop when you least expect it.
So, stop avoiding the sky, take a look up, and see what drama, and color, ensues there.

About barijoe

Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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