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Sometimes You Just Wish You Were A Kid Again

Two legendary lines of science fiction (and its assorted toys) have just combined:

Whether it makes sense to either storyline(s), that would be a matter of debate among both camps of fans of Star Wars and Transformers

Puasa Syawal

hari ini aku memulai sebuah ujian untuk diriku, yaitu puasa syawal. entah kenapa aneh sekali buat teman-temanku, bahwa aku melakukan ini…

moga-moga bisa selesai.

Was Once New

I encountered this, um, vehicle yesterday, a bajaj, a type of public transport only known in Jakarta other than its origins in India; in general, they are at least 20-odd years old with extensive repairs or replacements here and there (some even 100% changed altogether).
This bajaj sports the writing “Was Once New” on its rear, um, windshield.
Weren’t we all once new?

I’m Sorry, So I Did An Even Stupider Thing To Make It Up To You

[is that title even correct grammatically?]

I forgot my best friend’s birthday, yesterday. Well, there’s a reason that I use a smartphone; because I’m dumb at these things. Yeah, I know… I expect the entire world to remember my birthday, but I can’t remember anyone else’s. So sue me… or at least, that’s what my best friend would of done. Sentenced me to living hell with her sarcasm.

So… to make it up, I tracked her down to a place where she was doing a TVC shoot, bringing a simple slice of blueberry cake (hoping that the gesture would mean more than the cake, but the cake looked damn good anyway) and… dropped in into the entire cast of co-workers. Well, you know what they say about office gossip…
Thus, I came out the proud victor of the day, having the mission successful beyond expectations; with some mild repercussions for the plaintiff/victim, and apparently me with the last laugh for the day. On the whole, here’s something you don’t do everyday. It was damn fun!

So anyway… happy birthday dear; thank you for your friendship, hope everything goes well for you; I hope you gain wisdom and more blessings for the coming year, and hopefully you can still put up with me for another year. It’s safe to say that I don’t think I’d be forgetting your birthday next year, hahaha….

So, What Is Karaoke Again?

Dude: So are you going to sing karaoke?
Girl: No, I don’t think so. Are you?
Dude: Nah.
Girl: Why not? Can you sing?
Dude: Oh yeah, I can sing. I just don’t read.

–Nevada Smith’s, 3rd Avenue

taken from Overheardinnewyork

Aduh! Lidahku!

hari ini lambat banget lewatnya, mungkin karena kerjaan gue udah kelar dari tadi, dan gue bisa ngejawab-jawabin email secepat kilat abis masuk ke inbox gue. gue lagi chatting nggak perlu sama temen lama gue, temen semasa kuliah, tapi beda angkatan… ga ada yang cukup penting untuk ditulis di sini, dan obrolannya pun nggak menginspirasikan gue untuk menulis sesuatu yang lain.

modblog udah kayak gini terus sebulan lebih kali ya; ganggu banget. padahal gue bikin blog di sini mau nyoba-nyoba fasilitas-fasilitas yang konon lengkap abis itu… eh, sekarang blas cuma bisa dipake buat nulis-nulis doang. gue belom tau sih, sebenernya kita bisa ngubah templatenya sendiri kayak di kebanyakan provider layanan blog lain, tapi jadi agak males gitu ngoprek-ngopreknya. sebaliknya, gue lagi ngoprek abis blog gue yg satu lagi… buat semangat baru aja. buat menggebrak rutinitas lama dengan memberikan tiap hari sebuah rasa yang baru. gitu deh.

pengen pulang… tidur… paling nggak istirahat lah, biar nanti malem bisa ke Parc.


I hope tomorrow will bring better you, better me
I know that we’ll show this world we got more we could be
So you should never give up on your hopes and your dreams
You gotta get up, get out, get into it, get it on to be strong

If we try, we can fly to a whole ‘nother place
All we need is belief and a smile on our face
We can go anywhere we want, any road we decide to take
And we’re never, never, never too far from tomorrow today

If tomorrow is light in a place where there’s none
Then know that now is the time to have faith in us all
Ya know we’re all in this world and we all can belong
We gotta get up, get out, get over it, get it on to be strong

If we try, we can fly to a place in the sun
All we need is precious dreams and a friend we can trust
We can go anywhere we want, any road that we can take
And we’re never too far from tomorrow today

Ev’rybody say tomorrow is just for us to share
And we’re gonna send our message of love out ev’rywhere
There’s a promise of love tomorrow has
Something special and it’s something we know will last and last

‘Cause we’re never far away, never
One thing I can always be sure of
Far away, no never the promise of today

[Quincy Jones featuring Tevin Campbell. For myself, and someone who should sing this with me. Well, I mean the spirit of the song, anyway. Get up, get out, get over it]