The Culling

Last Friday, it was a fateful day for some of us at the office.
Due to a call for cost cutting and downsizing, the office finally notified the people who were affected by this policy; after a general announcement of the policy two weeks before. I must say, the atmosphere at the office during those two weeks running up to last Friday were very strange; the office was in kind of an ugly mood, working but not working, and definitely not in tune with the season’s festivities.
An thus the day came, and one of our number, the so-called “lunch gang”, has to leave…

So in line with Yosi’s birthday, we winded the night down with laughter and prohibitive drinks (none for me, thanks, I’m driving)…

I guess it’s part of corporate life… so, might as well get on with it…

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Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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