A Moment Before Midnight

I don’t really if this is the norm or not with me, but the festive mood that usually circles the new year had no affect at all to me. Until December 30th I had no idea what to ‘do’ for the new year, when everybody else were making plans of this and that, confirming this engagement or that party, or asking everybody else what they were going to do. I have been greeted with the “what are you doing for the new year?” question countless times, yet I have always anwered with an “I don’t really know” or a “Not really thinking about it”.
After a good workout session this morning, and bowling with Macfreak, I went home at around 8 PM, when the streets are still empty, with a magazine and some snacks to just lie low at home, probably watch a DVD, and unwind the starting-to-ache body.
So before the new year arrives, I want to just write something down here…
One dear to me said, on new year’s eve, pray for something specific and special, so God knows what you want… I sure will be doing that.
People usually make new year’s resolutions… so mine is, simply: lose weight. And feel better about myself! As these two are pretty high par, I think I’ll stick to these two.
This post also the second new year it is seeing, a sort of a milestone… it also marks a year (plus a few days) of the tsunami disaster, to keep things in perspective.

I really wanted to spend the new year, any new year for that matter, with someone special, someone significant…. perhaps the new year by myself isn’t so bad either.

About barijoe

Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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