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Money-wise, Wise With Money

I have been running into some moderate financial problems of late. A project has been dragging on without payment for some time, with me partly guilty as well, when the expenses had been made; I am still buying CDs like crazy (but only for those collectible titles, long-sought-after titles, or good value buys on titles I like), and I have to get over my recently-acquired taste for coffee and sushi.
All these notably high-numbered expenditures has left me a bit short, not to mention a few people have some outstanding debts (and pretty large ones, at that). I could reveresly think of this as a sort of savings, just so I do not touch this money (it is, of course, the profit gained from my last project after expenses and my phone upgrade to the P910i), but of course I do not get any interest, and I just become restless because I never know when the debts would be paid.
In the meantime, I never pull any stops if it means spending something for a dear friend, ever more so at the request of my parents (except the sudden phone call from my Dad asking if I had Rp 13 million handy, which I didn’t). I must admit, my logical side always says, whenever you spend money, make sure you get a return of investment. Of course I don’t think this when it comes to family, but sometimes, I really have to watch how much I spend in the interest of making a dear friend happy, knowing full well that the gesture may not be returned in comparable terms, if returned at all. I feel guilty thinking this at all, but I do think this…
I have a close friend who I love very much, and on a whim I sometimes give her something or offer to pay for dinner (Please note: this is not a love interest. If it were, I wouldn’t even be discussing this). But sometimes I just feel that my gesture is not returned in comparable terms… but oh well. They say to be happy you just have to give more and expect less… at the end, I feel happy just the same for my affection to her (and all my close friends in general). On the other hand, seriously, in these times, I feel the pinch, no matter what the excuse!

I really want to be able to save more money, and spend less, and I think I have been directing my expenses better lately; I do have some money in the bank spared, although just not Rp 13 million. I think I’ll have to see how much I can save more, because in the coming months, there will be more money needed for ‘personal projects’.

Wish me luck.

The Fruits Of My Labor

So…. such a long weekend. The usual weekend, and Tuesday is a holiday too, so at the last minute, the office gave everybody Monday off! So what had happened so far?

– Saturday, we finished up 2 songs for Krayola’s demo CD
– Sunday, exercised till I dropped, but managed to hang out at Soho for a browsing session
– Monday, shopping spree. Bought dozens of DVDs, a USB hub, a USB Bluetooth module, some audio sequencing software, 3 CDs (Rage Against The Machine Live, and two Rod Stewart CDs, the Great American Songbook series), and a new cheap jacket to boot

Today…. I think I’ll just stay at home.

Hari Kejepit

Karena hari ini adalah hari biasa yang terjepit antara akhir pekan dan Tahun Baru Hijriyah (yang merupakan libur nasional), entah kenapa kantorku meliburkan semua orang hari ini.

Jadilah, jam segini aku masih di rumah, sedang chatting dan net surfing yang tak terlalu penting…
Hari ini mau ke mana ya?

What Major Are You?

I got this quiz from Detta’s blog… it’s pretty interesting, and a bit serious, for once, when it comes to these types of quizzes….

You scored as Philosophy. You should be a Philosophy major! Like the Philosopher, you are contemplative and you enjoy thinking about the purpose for humanity’s existence.





























What is your Perfect Major? (PLEASE RATE ME!!<3)
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Lullaby For A Madman

See now,
The night has come
It’s time to put your confusions to rest near the pillow

Hear now,
The silence
Tell the voices in your head to give it a rest in hollow

Well, wouldn’t it be strange
For the only sanity left
Will be put to rest and become one with the infinite madness?

Uh oh,
Uh oh,
Close your eyes and release your depression
Until the morning comes

[Joe Barry]

Rumah Baru

Hari ini, “Sebutir Pikiran Untuk Usaha Bahasa” menempati rumah baru, pindah dari lokasi lama yang sudah agak cenderung tidak menyenangkan dan menyimpan beberapa kenangan pahit.

Moga-moga perpindahan ini membawa hikmah yang lain…

Welcome Back, Lucy

The past week has been full of work and continuous contemplation in-between; issues at work have been demanding, and the moments after filled with self-directed question-and-answer sessions.

Despite all the turmoil, I have met my old love and she has somehow given me comfort, through my music (or what could become of it). So, Lucy’s back, and I’m all the better because of her. Not entirely, but I think things would be better…

Now if I can patch things up with Dara… things would be perfect!

When The Rain Comes…

The hourse of daytime diffuse into one, so if you don’t have any timekeeping devices handy, you’d never know what time it is. They day floats on the grey to dark grey medium, unmotivating, stagnant, and seemingly endless.
Minutes may go by but lifetimes pass through your head, lying on the bed of blissful dreams and broken hopes. Songs of otherwordly contstruct visit my premature dreamtime, yearning to be made into reality yet never passing into force (except in some special cases).
Thus the deep river runs calm, but will break upon any shore or stone harshly.

Come And Go

Have you ever felt it?
The magic of the moment of truth?
The second you know what you want, and what you feel, and be at peace with it.
To give and take sword blows
fighting an enemy yet a friend

Never doing the right thing, when trying to do the right
does not mean to stop
But it means to change your means
alter your perspective
and embark on a totally different journey altogether.

The core stays the same, yet the direction turns different
Let’s build a new road

Love comes and goes, but my music stays the same.