The Tie Of Power

Today I attended my Dad’s professorship ceremony, and took half a day from the office (more on that story later). Since it was a state event officiated by at least 3 cabinet ministers, Dad asked me to dress up neatly; i.e. wear a suit, tie, etc. As the trousers of my suit set do not fit me anymore, I settled with this:

Hence comes the Tie Of Power.
I like wearing ties. They make me feel good; makes me feel better looking. This is further proven by the fact that any girl will say ‘wow’ or any other admiring adjective when they see the tie. But of course, it’s mostly the tie, not me, but I like the feeling anyway.
The tie also makes me feel more ‘official’, more ‘authoritive’, and even more ‘mature’. It gives me more confidence to speak in public, and I smile better with the tie. So.. all in all, I really like wearing ties.

So maybe I should wear them more often? I think not, the magical powers would wear off…

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Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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