Bowling, Body Temprature, Wine, And Music

So this week has been a mix of the title above, and probably more.
Monday was a half-day, with an office bowling tournament I coordinated, watching King Kong (again)… with me sleeping through part of it, as I had watched it before… and dinner at a cute little restaurant called Nine Muses. The big boss insisted everybody drink up their wine, and even though I resisted, I gave way anyway leading up to 3 glasses downed. I was starting to have a feeling of the flu, so that did not help the next day, and the few days after.
My body temprature was all over the place, the body not stable; one minute fresh, the other minute simply sleepy, nauseaos or no energy at all, which did not help the full slate of work and meetings I had this week.
On Friday, the big boss invited some of us to his new apartement for a housewarming; and sure enough, he insisted everybody drink again (this time, except me). Nelly begged me to help out with her drink, and that resulted in the boss refilling it again (and me drinking it again) several times…. thus postponing again my recovery from the flu. I spent almost all Saturday in bed, only going out for dinner, but the miracle came earlier today.
After lunch with Vira, I went on a jam session with Citra, Teple, Aji and Julian; we only played for 2 hours, and came up writing 3 songs which we will probably forget tomorrow… but now, I feel great! I think the flu has finally past, even though when I left for the jam session, I still felt a bit weezy. I guess the fried rice with mutton afterwords helped, too, hehe…

Now, back to my sound recorder…

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Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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