One-Month Furlough

Hello, blog, long time no write.

First of all, it’s been really busy at the office. A lot of projects and meetings, and I’m trying to set up shorter deadlines for my work, thus more work for me. All these meetings makes catching up with the paperwork difficult.
Also, I was down and out for a week, with laryngitis. Got 3 days leave courtesy of the doctor (and the virus) and slept through all 3 days… my throat has not been the same since.
Bought a MIDI-to-USB interface which was apparently useless on my Mac (unless I buy a self-powered MIDI controller)… well, I’ll figure out something, as I do think this converter still will come to use depending on my future computer configuration.
Went to Bogor again to work on Krayola’s master recording… I think we still have a couple sessions to go before we’re finished, but it’s moving along perfectly.
I had no time to update my blog at the office, and once I reached home, I was too tired to make a posting here. Believe me, it’s been a long month…

Of course… just to mention here, and never more… my life has suddenly become ultimately more complicated (although Sacha says that my life has always been complicated). Well… complications in life have not always been a bad thing, so I’m still smiling, as wide as ever…

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Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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