Over The Weekend

We were supposed to have a practice session on Saturday; but unfortunately David couldn’t make it at all that day, and I was sleepy because Sacha and Yadi stayed over and we talked until 3 AM. Me and Sacha had so much fun looking at Yadi’s reaction to my “startling revelations”, hahaha… but at least I have come to terms of telling the truth to my best friend. Anyhow, it’s all in the past now…
So me, Eriz and Riri just hung about the house playing guitars, and talking about the band; there was much that I would want to do with the arrangement of the songs, but since the songs are practically done, I didn’t know what else to do with the material anyway. I’ll just have to insert my ideals into the new songs we’ll be writing…
I had dinner with Pitra at PIM 2 (it was either roadside stall or credit-card enabled restaurant, considering the date…) and then we played pool until we dropped… it was fun, and I won most of the games (out of sheer chance, I think…).
Sunday morning Citra came over so we could start work on the website he was working on; he enlisted my help to do the translations… and we worked until about 5 PM, when we took a break. Citra was going to a wedding, and Lia asked me to join her at EX, so I joined, and we played UNO with a mix of old and new friends (including a totally gorgeous girl!) until 10 PM, where I returned home (and the totally gorgeous girl was nice enough to drive by) to work until 1.30 AM…

So now, I’m so damn sleepy…

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