On A Roll

Yeah, yet again, I have been missing from the blog world. Let’s see if I can sum up the last two weeks in one post:

The first week of May was filled with meeting upon meeting upon meeting, because of some tight deadlines of a few key projects at the office; not to mention preparing to go to Bangkok for the weekend to watch MTV Asia Awards with a contest winner. There was a show of one of the artists under our label on Thursday night, so that night we all went to F Bar at Plaza EX until really late. Saturday morning was the trip to Bangkok, eventless strolling in Siam Centre and the ever-more-boring MTV Asia Awards at night; we didn’t have time to go anywhere Sunday morning because no stores were open yet anyway and we had a 1 PM flight.
Apparently the flight was delayed for 2 hours to 3 PM (to our dismay…) and we spent a unmemorable afternoon in the Bangkok Airport transit lounge eating an even more undesirable lunch (the company was ok, though).

The week after was filled with more and more meetings, still because of the tight deadlines; but the weekend was highlighted by a trip to Bandung! It was Alfa’s wedding, and I brought in tow Yosi and Lia from the office also, together with Sacha and Coki. The wedding reception itself was, um, alternative, to say the least; perhaps because it was directed more to the newlywed’s friends, rather than one of those proper wedding receptions. The next day we toured around Bandung (well, more like the clothing distros) and went back to Jakarta at 6 PM…

and now, I am so damn tired, with still so much work to do…. I may be on a roll or something. Spring roll, perhaps? Or sushi roll?

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Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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