Soho Again

I am sitting at Soho yet again, with Vira, where we are typing away on our laptops after a moderately arduous session at the gym (more for Vira, I think). The excersize, although probably still not optimal, was refreshing after many days of overworking and less sleep afterwards. I am still feeling stressed out, but I’ll just see on how I can handle the stress bit by bit, day by day, by not taking too much depth into it (while not avoiding it entirely).
The issues of work and personal life are actually manageable, but every time I hear a stupid motorcycle horn or unnecessary car horn go off, a spark goes off in me that gets me in the wrong mood all the time. I am trying to manage that, but of course, the usual set of expletives need to be produced before tension release is possible.

I am finding that the band is slowly becoming into something serious, at least for me, and it’s a bit difficult to pool the band together into a consensus on what needs to be done. At least we have a general direction on where to go, and the August gig would be something to work towards. There is still a lot of homework to do, but well, as they say, handle big problems step by step.

I’m just glad that I have something more to smile about, lately :).

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Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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