Navigating Rockets

On most spacecraft, whether it be real or fictitious, usually the ones with more practical or current (not imaginative) propulsion systems, like thermo-combustion rockets and the like, have small rockets around the spacecraft’s body. These are for controlling the craft’s movements, like pitch and yaw, doing slight turns, and so on, other than the usually uni-directional larger engine. Whereas airplanes can use fins and aerofoils to control movement, the dead of space has no air, thus any minute movements required by the spacecraft is done my these rockets. I’d call them navigating rockets.
How they work, basically, is releasing short bursts of energy to push the spacecraft into the desired position or direction.

And here’s something totally unrelated.

The job so far has been great, with a great potential to grow. Business is good, although I need to do more backflips and somersaults to make next year’s plan… I have someone I can depend on also now. And now… there is a job offer on the table. The offer is not mind-boggling, but it is significant enough. And Krayola’s album is set to release by August; as we will be signing the contract shortly.

The last time this much potential change happened to me was when I started this blog…. a new day at a new job, fresh from shutting down my old office, and painfully fresh of the memory of break-up.

So, does change come in short bursts of energy, you think? Is life, when always pushed by a uni-directional thrust engine, guided by navigating rockets activated when needed?

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