Keep An Eye Out For…

… a band called Private Harmony. Released by the local Warner Music office.

Some might say that they’re the Indonesian version of the various incarnations of Ben Folds Five/Ben Folds, but there’s a difference between imitating and emulating. Listening to them, you get to hear what the music would sound like if Ben Folds had an Indonesian background. The songs are definitely Indonesian (as they are all in Bahasa Indonesia), but the piano-playing is most definitely Ben Folds, along with the backing vocals trademark of the band emulated.
But even more than that, you can feel the songs, and not just hear them as a mere translations of Ben Folds musical tendencies.
The entire album speaks tribute to Ben Folds, unavoidable and obvious, but stands on its own as well. Actually, the choice to emulate Ben Folds music already says something about them… let’s see where they go on the next album, if it does come out. Unfortunately, this kind of music does not have a wide audience in Indonesia…

On a lighter note, I wonder what they would be like when actually singing Ben Folds covers!

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