Under Duress

I guess it goes without saying that a lot has happened the past few weeks, making me unable to post anything here; my office time is limited, and my time afterwards is spent away from the computer.
Only this morning, I can sit down, relaxed, in front of the computer, and try to get some thoughts out to describe the missing logs from this media.

It’s such an amazing feeling to be going out with somebody steady again, especially after so long in personal limbo, and getting used to doing everything myself. It has taken some adjustments for both of us, especially during these first weeks, that we actually had a partner at all! When you’re used to thinking for one, now you think for two, and these are just for mundane things like going to the supermarket or something. But I’m otherwise happy, now that I have someone I can always share my thoughts with, and hold my hand whenever I need.

I just discovered something very essential about this blog, and about me… apparently, I always have this subconcious feeling that I should not spread good news as excitedly as I would, because it would somehow be jinxed (and believe me, it has happened several times, including my other situation at work). That’s partly why this blog rarely displays good news.

Now here’s the situation at work. My future boss, it seems, is under pressure. He, as an expatriate brought in to help out with a new division at my new office, assumingly promised all sorts of things and targets for this division, and under pressure to deliver very fast. This has caused the pressure to be distributed to all partners involved in the launch project (including my current office), when actually things cannot happen that fast. Feet were stepped on, tempers raged, and the formerly anticipating spirit of my company and the partners behind us decreased and became pragmatic. The problem’s not over yet, and instead of coming in and sitting down with my future boss and telling him how it’s supposed to be done, I’m giving him a harsh reality instead, seeing all his deadlines fly past without anything done. Well, that’s how stubborn he apparently is, haha…

There is something else new in my life, other than the girlfriend and the coming new job… but I’ll elaborate on that later at a better opportunity. Today, I have to attend 2 weddings!

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